What exactly does Credit Insurance cover?


Credit Insurance covers non-payment of invoices due to: Insolvency - administration/liquidation or similar insolvency events Protracted Default - the failure to pay within contractual terms of payment Political Risk - the failure to pay due to political events in the buyer's country

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What is Credit Insurance?


Credit Insurance is a business-to-business insurance product that offers protection against unpaid invoices due to a customer's failure to pay for products and/ or services provided to them on credit terms.

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How can I get a Credit Insurance policy?


As a specialist Credit Insurance broker, we offer non-binding quotes upon request. Contact us or complete the questionnaire for the type of credit insurance you require: Whole Turnover, Multi-Buyer, Single Buyer or Single or Multiple Invoice Insurance Once we have the information needed to obtain quotes from all the insurer we will approach the market on your behalf [...]

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I am already insured but can’t get cover on some customers. What can I do?


Some insurers have a facility whereby you can purchase additional cover in the event of them not willing to insure a buyer to the full extent. If this is not available with your current insurer you may be eligible to "Top Up" your existing cover with another insurer. You can get a Top Up quote here. [...]

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Does Credit Insurance cover VAT?


No. In the event of a bad debt, you will submit a claim for the outstanding Net Debt and claim VAT back from the Government via Bad Debt Relief here.

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Can I insure just one customer?


Yes, you can and you can get a quote for Single Risk here. Single Risk Credit Insurance can sometimes be more expensive than Whole Turnover Credit Insurance which includes the cover for your Single Risk.

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